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 All-Inclusive Events 

At Blue Butterfly Creations, we respect everyone's circumstances, and we believe that everyone deserves to have an event they absolutely love, despite your financial concerns!

Planning an event can be very tedious. We take all of the stress and anxiety away from you by coordinating your event from start to finish. 
We provide budget friendly all-inclusive event packages to ensure your event has all of the important details you want to include, and we do it by working within the limits of your desired budget.

You don't have to spend more than you need to, to have a great event!
We can honor this packaging for most events!



Micro Events

A micro event, is less involved as far as planning. 
It is an intimate affair, typically with a smaller guest list (around 50 guests).

Your events still contain all of the details that make an event special but on a much smaller scale.
Nothings left out! And all-important details are incorporated seamlessly.
These events allow for quicker planning and sooner available dates!
Usually, a 3-6 month planning timeline OR less!

We've planned dozens of these events, and everyone has been wonderful!
These events can consist of children's parties, milestone birthdays, and all special occasions. 
Whatever the occasion we will make it happen for you from start to finish.


Micro Weddings

A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests.
They still feature all of the time-honored traditions that make a wedding special and your own vision, but on a much smaller scale.
This allows for quicker planning and sooner available dates for venues and vendors!
It's usually, a 3-6 month planning timeline OR less!

We will work together to ensure everything on your checklist is completed and finalized perfectly!
The planning timeline does move a little quickly, but your event will be saturated with every detail and vision you had for your special day!


Pop Up Picnics

We're taking picnics to a whole new level!
We're taking a classic day out and making it "glam-tastic"!

Every picnic will be completely customized to match your occasion, event and color palette.

We can plan for:
Birthday Parties
Girl's Night/Guys Night
Baby Showers
Bridal Showers
Bachelorette Parties
& More!

Any life event you'd like to celebrate and we'll make it happen for you!
Indoors OR Outdoors!

You choose the location, and we will provide a complete glammed picnic setup for you and your guests. 

Have an idea of what you want, but maybe you're unsure of where to begin with planning your event?
Do not worry!
We can coordinate and plan your whole event from start to finish! 
We make the planning easy and fun.

We can incorporate any of your personal vendors or make recommendations for vendors that will help us bring your vision to life!
Food trucks
Dessert trucks
Sweets & Treats
Mobile Alcohol
Decor elements

The possibilities are truly endless!
Standard package pricing is designed for 8-12 guests. If your event is larger than 12 people (Example: Baby/Bridal shower) we will accommodate all guests and pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

A $300 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due at the time of booking, your event package pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

* Disclaimer: If/When you're choosing a public event location (outside of a home/residence location), some locations may require permission or advanced booking.If you have chosen a public place please be sure to seek approval before hand and prior to booking!


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