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Answers You May Want To Know?


How do I book my party?

Please visit the "Let's Book My Party" link on the menu tabs! This will bring you to a contact request form. When we receive that request form, we will be in touch within 2-4 days to confirm our date availability, immediately secure your date with a deposit, and review all necessary information regarding party details. Several days before your event we will confirm guest count and details to ensure that all supplies and materials are correct for your party size,collect final balance of your fees, and make updates to any possible changes to your event!

  We do recommend booking weeks to months in advance, some times of the year are much busier than others (especially summer and holiday seasons). BUT we will do our best to accommodate you however we can  

** If this happens to be a last minute booking, please don't worry!! please call us directly 203*895*2966 and we will do our best to accommodate you and your event! 

Once your event package is created pricing will be determined.

Are all supplies used safe? 


I ensure you that we will ALWAYS have safety in mind first and it is our BIGGEST priority! All supplies used are brands that you are probably already familiar with such as Crayola, CraZArt, and Elmer's glue. We do ask that if your child has any allergies(to anything!) or if there is anything we should be aware of please let us know in advance (PRIOR TO YOUR PARTY) so we can plan accordingly!! Again safety is our largest priority! (Outside of fun that is!!) Smocks will be provided to protect clothing, and some activities may require other forms of protection. ** Examples would be: gloves, clear safety goggles, or a nose/mouth covering.


Do you provide tables and chairs for my event?

We do ask that your (out of studio) events be set up in advance with the appropriate number of tables and chairs for the number of party guests needed.

This helps us and makes event setup smoother and quicker for you and your guests!

We do not provide tables and chairs for (out of studio) party bookings. Vendor referrals can be recommended.  

In most cases rectangular (6-8 foot) tables are best for guests work space and party set up.

If round tables are what you have available that's okay! We will work with whatever your availability is 

We can provide table covers to match your event and theme


Party Set Up & Supplies 

It is important that guest count is accurate.

All craft supplies are ordered specifically for your event and theme!

We match all supplies to the theme of your party! (We will discuss all details and options prior to your event) Accuracy is important to prevent over or under ordering supplies and we'd hate to waste any materials or not have enough supplies for any guests.

Smaller parties are up to 12 guests, larger parties are 12 or more guests, we can work with any number of guests!

Parties with more than 18 guests may require and extra host & additional time (your party package cost will reflect these fees)

 We provide arts and crafts for any age group and will plan accordingly! 

Side thoughts

~If the guest of honor is to young to participate (maybe a 1st birthday party, baptism etc) we can still plan your party around other guests attending! We will do whatever it takes to make your event personal and your own! (Just ask!) 

~ We will have dozens of art supply options, hundreds even! We will make your event personal and perfectly matched to your theme no matter what it is! (That's what makes what we do so fun!) And anything can be customized for any age group or specific need :)

~Anywhere children will be attending we can to! We bring the fun to you! We'll travel and attend any event you'd like us to

*Depending on location/mileage a small fee may be added to your party package for travel

~*~ Gratuity is NOT included in your party package. We will leave that up to the discretion of our party host!  Our artists work extra hard to make sure every detail of your event is perfect and fun! So any token of thanks would be appreciated :)

Anything else you'd like to know? Please send us a message!

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